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Robert Björn Taylor

Hospitality & Beverage Consultant
Björn Taylor is a veteran bartender of 16 years and in hospitality for close to two decades. He started in Houston, his hometown where the diverse culture shaped him. In an effort to expand out of high volume bartending he ended up in Austin, Texas. Starting at one of the best cocktail bars in town, Péché, he then graduated to fine dining bartending. Since 2013 he’s opened and poured at some of the best award winning restaurants and cocktail bars in Austin. That list includes Qui, Otoko, Emmer & Rye, and Midnight Cowboy. He’s also had the pleasure of designing menus for Watertrade and the Arrive Hotel Restaurants and bars. Now he has reached the point where he can really make my mark consulting on big projects coming in the fall of this year. He is recognized as a positive force within the Texas hospitality community. Björn actively promotes responsible consumption and translates his bartending skills into creating unique zero-proof/non-alcoholic cocktail experiences.