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Josh Kopel

Million Dollar Restaurant
Michelin-Rated Restaurateur
Josh Kopel is a restaurateur, tech pioneer and content creator. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the spawn of bootleggers and retail giants, he was bred for the hospitality industry. Throughout Kopel’s 20+ year career in hospitality he has managed venues ranging from the Alligator Bayou Bar, located on Alligator Bayou Road, seated on Alligator Bayou (it was exactly how you’re picturing it in your mind) to the hottest Hollywood nightclubs, bars, and ultralounges (far less glamorous than you’re picturing it in your mind).

Kopel went independent in 2010, opening his first concept Five0Four, a New Orleans-inspired bar, on the Walk of Fame in the heart of Hollywood. In subsequent years, he would open the Michelin-rated fine dining concept,
Preux & Proper as well as South City Fried Chicken, voted the best fried chicken in Los Angeles by LA Weekly. Despite his success, he saw foundational issues within the industry and set out to fix them himself.

In 2018, Kopel founded FLO Hospitality Solutions, a company solely focused on leveraging tech to bring more humanity to the customer service experience, not less. His first product, FLO, launched in 2019 offering an all-in-one communication solution for restaurants. In 2020, the pandemic offered another opportunity for Kopel to serve the industry. In response to the devastation he saw, Josh created FULL COMP and Restaurant Marketing School, seeking out thought leaders from within and outside of the hospitality industry, using their wisdom to help the restaurateurs survive the present and thrive in the future.

Today, Kopel is on a mission to share his story, the lessons he’s learned along the way and the wisdom he’s collected from mentors like Brooke Williamson, Curtis Stone, Seth Godin, Will Guidara, Jon Taffer, Jet Tila, Grant Cardone, Nina Compton, Robert Greene and Andrew Zimmern.

There is a proven recipe for success in the restaurant business and Josh shares it freely with the industry.
Kopel’s varied interests and talents have landed him several positions of influence including his current role as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the CRA.