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Billy-Joe Hunt

The Gramercy
Billy-Joe and Suzanne Hunt are each successful corporate professionals whose deep New York
City roots and strong family lineage inspired them to pursue a lifelong dream.

Billy-Joe had a successful career in Information Technology working for large, renowned
companies. Each company offered the opportunity to apply skills in a field that he was
passionate about. However, the corporate grind gradually erodes passion. He made a conscious
decision to no longer apply his talents supporting others in the pursuit of dreams that were not
his own. The Gramercy is the culmination of a life-long dream, but more significantly, it
represents a tradition of family.

In a small city called Lakeway, Texas, The Gramercy has an elegant aesthetic that is usually
reserved for only large city venues. Its art deco touches and 1920's influence harken back to
another era when boutique hotels were sophisticated, stylistic, and fun!

The dictionary defines Gramercy as "used to express gratitude or surprise". Its origins from
Middle English and Anglo-French translate to "great thanks"! They could not think of a better
way to extend appreciation to their guests than to incorporate gratitude into the brand. They
are proud to serve the community they call home.